Text Box: SELL-4-U Terms & Conditions 

1 Sell-4-U will sell your vehicle for you under the following conditions.
2 Your car will be insured for the purposes of fire and theft while it is in the care and possession of Sell-4-U and fully comprehensively while being driven for the purpose of demonstration by any potential buyer.  (An insurance excess on any claims will be the responsibility of you the seller of the vehicle) .                                                                                                                                                       Your vehicle will be advertised at the first opportunity in all publications and internet sales facilities currently used by Sell-4-U, this website and through the forecourt site at Hapton.
3 Your vehicle will be sold with or without a ‘bought in warranty’ on the decision of the Sell-4-U agent at the time of the sale, subject to your prior agreement, the cost of which will be deducted from the sales proceeds.
4 Your vehicle will be valeted by us  to a standard befitting of age, price and condition of the vehicle, which is chargeable unless the vehicle is presented in a suitably clean condition.
5 General repair work, MOT and MOT preparation work can be arranged at additional cost.
6 Your vehicle will be offered for sale at the price agreed between Sell-4-U and yourself for the initial period of four weeks, after which time the price will be discussed to consider revision.
7 After four weeks if the vehicle has not been sold you are free to take the vehicle away incurring no cost, unless the vehicle has been valeted or has undergone any repair work or fuel costs have been incurred to demonstrate the vehicle, the cost of which must be born by you.
8 If you elect to continue after the initial four week period and leave the car with Sell-4-U a nominal charge of £10.00 per week (additional to commission) will be deductible from the sale of the car or on collection of the car by yourself or anyone else.
9 Sell-4-U and it’s agents will not deliberately disguise any faults known to the vehicle owner or any faults that are identified by Sell-4-U agents with the intent to deceive a potential buyer.
10 Our charges are £200 commission to sell basic cars, 4X4’s, Bikes , Quads and Vans up to £3000 purchase price. Commission for vehicles over £3000 will be agreed with the owner prior to sale.